Why The Credit Repair Club

I'm Drena Blanton, the creator of  The Credit Repair Club. I've been in the Credit Restoration Industry since 2013. I've worked for several Credit Repair companies and I know the ins and outs to the Credit Repair Industry. Understanding the operational and business aspect of majority of credit repair companies, I wanted to create a platform to help the many people I've encountered while in this industry reach financial freedom. I sympathize with many of the customers because I myself understand that we do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on credit restoration with minimum to no results. I also understand how easy restoring your credit could be with proper instructions, although many companies want you to believe it's extremely hard so they can charge ridiculous amounts in hopes of having a perfect score.


That's why I created The Credit Repair Kit. It's an easy DIY step by step guide that teaches you how to restore your credit on your own. This step by step guide is the very guide I have used to restore my client’s credit. The only difference is The Credit Repair Kit is broken down for customers to successfully understand. This easy step by step guide includes legal templates to create your dispute letters. The Credit Repair Kit has changed so many lives, and it can change yours also!