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Thanks to The Credit Repair Club, we were able to purchase our dream home. We couldn't believe how easy the Kit really was. Thanks guys       

T. Chandler





I am very pleased about my purchase from The Credit repair Club. I was able to see my first results in about 25 days after my purchase.  The kit is very hands on, in getting  my credit repaired and seeing results in such a short  period of time. I am very impressed with the fact that I only had to pay $79, and I am still seeing things coming off of my credit reports, while my score is increasing. This is one of the greatest investments that I have made. Thanks for putting out such a great product.

R. McBride

It has been my dream to own my own home, so I tried a few credit repair companies, some I've paid a monthly fee and others I paid large amount at one time to only be asked to pay more money to remove more items.  This is the best credit repair service I've worked with and it was only $79. It's a DIY kit, but I received a step by step guide with everything I needed to repair my own credit.  I followed the guide exactly and I say changes in my credit report within 32 days.  Using this kit I have been able to remove the negative items that have effected my home buying process.  Wow,  I will be purchasing my first home soon!!

R. Stribling

I was with another company for over eight months, paying a fee every month trying to get my credit score where i needed it to be and unfortunately nothing happened, there was no change to my score at all! I got lucky and found this website, The Credit Repair Kit, followed the steps provided and did everything myself and was able to raise my credit score 140 points in just a months time! Today I was able to get the truck that I’ve been wanting for months. Wish i could have found it over eight months ago!!

Thanks to Credit Repair Kit I can enjoy life again!

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